About Fitbees

The Fitbees Programmes are based on the scientific guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, on the guidelines for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and on the Belgian consensus on nutrition, exercise and sedentary behaviour. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on stress-related conditions were also used. In addition, many studies have already demonstrated in detail that a healthy lifestyle can also drastically reduce the risk of other conditions (back and neck complaints, depression, certain cancers, etc.).

The Fitbees Programmes have existed since 2014 and have since been implemented in over 120 companies with high success rates studied by the Catholic University in Leuven.

About the team

All Fitbees Coaches are qualified, scientifically trained coaches with the latest know-how on ‘corporate wellbeing’. They can identify the needs of the participants and offer them excellent tips & tricks, suitable for any busy life. They take an empathic, positive approach that can really motivate people to adopt healthier habits. Beware! They are all carriers of the Fitbees virus, so the Fitbees virus may spread quickly throughout the entire organisation!