‘From Zero to Hero, that’s how I experienced Fitbees. From non-jogger to proud finisher of the 10 mile run, and I’m just getting started! In the meantime I bought my own pedometer and did a gait analysis at Runnerslab to buy suitable running shoes. Because you don’t really need a lot of equipment to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even after the Fitbees game I kept jogging with a colleague and from now on I can also train with my husband. My new ambition is to one day run a marathon. It’s the enthusiasm of the coaches, the winner’s mentality and encouragement among colleagues that triggered the small changes in my habits. This way we’ve managed to keep Fatty Fridays (fries) at work but the rest of the week I now just have a salad instead of sandwiches. Think small, dream big – that’s Fitbees!’


‘You can score points by sleeping a lot, cycling, walking, paying attention to your diet, etc. But if you want to win as a team, you have to encourage each other.’


The game was extremely motivating. Fitbees really brought out people’s competitive side and everyone was talking about it.’


‘The whole thing is very nicely put together and really energised people, which is something that is very hard to do otherwise.
Afterwards, people were really happy and proud of what they had achieved. Several people actually kept exercising more or playing sports after the game.

J.D.: Sioen

‘The Fitbees team knows how to enthuse people and convince them to focus on a healthy mind and body.’

C.G. Ineos Manufacturing

‘A large number of our staff members do office work and spend almost the entire day at their desk. Many of us forget to move, get stiff and less flexible and suffer from back and neck complaints. This made our company think and we were looking for an active programme for our staff to encourage them to exercise more and live healthier lives. This is also in line with our company’s health policy, which we are strongly committed to.
Fitbees had the perfect concept for this, and the game also increased the team spirit among staff members through the playful, competitive Fitbees test. At the end of the game, participants’ physical condition had improved greatly too. Even now we are still reaping the benefits of people having integrated this healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.
During the game we were also very impressed with the dedicated and enthusiastic Fitbees team themselves, which also had a positive effect on the participants’ enthusiasm.
We are proud to say that other branches of our company have also decided to play the Fitbees game. Highly recommended!’

Employee X at Callens

Today I went back to visit my doctor as a result of my 2nd blood test. I had one done before the Fitbees Programme too. On our teambuilding day, a member of your staff presented the Fitbees Programme. Their enthusiasm was infectious.

During this presentation they explained that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved by following a few simple rules of thumb. Inspired by this presentation, I went to work. Before participating in the health check I went to my doctor for the results of my 1st blood test.

The result was dramatic and additional checks followed. A serious warning and extra medication were the result. Then followed the health check and the result was equally disastrous. With this in mind, the time had come to drastically change my lifestyle.

By participating in your programme you’re motivated in all areas. The challenges around eating and exercise are extremely contagious and the element of competition reinforces this. Simple challenges such as ‘Eat two pieces of fruit’ or ‘Don't drink soft drinks’ quickly become a habit.

Gaining extra points by doing sports has also encouraged me to sign up for a fitness session.

My first cardio sessions didn’t last long due to my poor condition.
But regularity and the desire to score extra points quickly changed that. Bad eating habits were replaced by the many tips we got during the programme.
Gradually I began to lose weight and felt my condition improving.
After a few weeks it was no longer an assignment, but a ‘way of life’.
Then it was time for my 2nd health check.
Of course I had registered for it and the result was positive.

I had reached my goal of losing weight and my condition had improved noticeably.
But this was not the end of it.
Through your programme, I have managed to change my whole lifestyle:

  • Do I manage my 10,000 steps daily? No, but I’m doing my best.
  • Through the program I rediscovered the challenge of sports and I have already set myself some sporting goals.
  • My poor diet has been replaced by your healthy tips, although I do occasionally make an exception, in moderation, which in itself won’t do any harm.

So, today I got the result of my 2nd blood test.
My doctor was astonished; the results were fantastic.
I was allowed to stop the extra medication.
Next month there will be a 3rd blood test and my remaining medication may be halved.
By sharing this experience I just want to show that, for me personally, your programme has changed my life.
And of course also a sincere thank you to my employer for organising this, let this be an example for other employers.